Charming Hamman

From our Andalusian ancestors, we have inherited the refined manners of the Arab bath, their taste for creams and oils. Their duly performed ablutions before the Quranic prayer and the spiritual significance of the water were the cause of the abundance of Hammans (Baths) in Granada throughout the whole territory. Simple places inherited from the Roman tradition inviting to the total relaxation of the senses.

(* Baths are subject to special hours)

This ancient experience will lead you to feel the aroma of oils, the murmur of water, the pleasure of a massage in Granada, the city of the Alhambra, feel the Al-Andalus for a few moments, disconnect, relax … and enjoy

For those travelers who prefer an exclusive and different service, we offer an intimate and cozy place to feel the pleasures of a private hammam. If preferred, it is possible to enjoy a NATURIST bath. A unique pleasure. A nice place to enjoy by yourself or together with your family, partner or friends.

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