Who we are?

There was a time when we were travelers…

If you plan to travel to Granada and would like to know it as a traveler, this is your site.

TRIPGRANADA.com is a Spanish capital company based in Granada, formed by staff with extensive experience in the tourism sector for more than 20 years, being specialized in Guided Tours to the Alhambra and the Albaicín and Receptive Tourism in Granada.

We are committed to provide selected experiences, away from mass tourism, offering personalized and exclusive services.
These services are performed only by qualified staff with a degree in Tourism and / or licensed as Granada Tour Guides for the visits to the Alhambra and the Albaicín/Albayzín, our most precious jewels declared World Heritage by Unesco, and the other monuments of Granada, in compliance with legal regulations.

TRIPGRANADA chooses its team and therefore selects its suppliers based on this philosophy, in order to offer a personalized service, defending the origin of the tourist product and service from person to person and the value of the official tour guide, which will save you time and money, keeping you away from disappointments. All this will provide you with security, assuring quality and eliminating the risk that the services are carried out by amateurs or locals who advertise themselves as guides trying to take advantage of the monumental and historical tourism.

Oriented towards individuals, associations, companies, tour operators and agencies, Granada Trip would like to thank you in advance for your trust and recommendation.

If you would like to book, simply choose one or more experiences and send the request, shortly we will contact you so that you can begin your trip to Granada: a journey to discover, learn, dream, see, feel, relax and enjoy our city from within. Experience the Alhambra and Granada as nobody has… Experience with us the past of Al-Andalus. We expect you.

It is our desire to encourage care and respect for our cultural heritage and preserve it for the future. For this reason, we destine 1% of the profits to the preservation and restoration of the artistic and historical heritage of Granada.