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How do you want to get to know the Alhambra, the jewel in the crown?

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The cheapest option to visit the Alhambra in a guided way. Headphones + official guide specialized in groups to leave you nothing. For all pockets!

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Ideal guided tour to get to know the Alhambra with children. The little ones will be entertained and learn in equal parts. And no, we don’t say it

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A specialist guide everything, everything, everything for you. You choose how you want the experience to be, from start to finish. The Alhambra, in style

What will Granada have to be one of the most desired cities in Europe?

Its vast and peculiar history? His multicultural personality?​​

The Alhambra, known as the Eighth Wonder of the World and a World Heritage Site next to the Albaicín?

Granada is a lot of city, and nothing like a specialist guide to know what it hides at every step

Guides specialized in guided tours of Granada and the Alhambra

Guías oficiales de Granada

The Alhambra is only the beginning

Because yes, the Alhambra has a lot to do with the passions that this city arouses throughout the planet.

And visiting it on your own is not the same as doing it in the company of a guide whose stories take you back to the times of princes and princesses, towers, gardens, patios and walls.

To those times in which legends are forged 😉

A personalized experience for each visitor

Because Granada, the city that embraces it, has a lot for those who seek to travel in peace.

Strolling through the Albaicín until you reach the San Nicolás viewpoint, enjoying typical tapas in a quiet square, relaxing in a private hammam or enjoying a night of flamenco are perfect complements to the most important creation in the history of the ancient kingdom of Al- Andalus.

Yes, there are many Granadas despite being a unique city on the world scene. One for each visitor.

Descubre la magia de Granada con nuestros guías oficiales de Granada.

Why Trip Granada

Why should you choose a guided tour of Granada with us?

For all these reasons; look:

We are Alhambra Granada official guides

We have a license that says we can do what we do, but more important than that is that we are from here and we love to share what we know.

We are good with children

We know how to tell the stories and data that we know so that it is entertained from the smallest to the most adult. Families of the world, here!

We do it in private if you want

If you come in a big way, with all the comforts and being clear that this trip is to get the most out of it, we offer totally private and personalized visits.

Fast, without waiting or tricks

From this website you can book absolutely everything: the guided tour you choose, the ticket to the Alhambra... and you can do it in a couple of clicks. Choose the visit, the date and that's it.

We serve you 24/7

We are in contact with you at all times, in case you need anything. Our clients, first. Let it not be said

We speak your language

Our guided tours are not only in Spanish; no way. English, French, German, Italian, the main languages and some more… just tell us in which language you want us to guide you, and we will.

Guías oficiales de Granada y especialistas en la Alhambra con TripGranada

Official guides of Granada who know what they are doing

We are official Granada guides, one of those who have permission to teach you everything about a city to remember. But beyond that we like our work, it shows and we believe that we do it better every time no matter how many years go by.

Oh, if our Granada…🥰

They say about our guides in Granada

Without you, our work would be meaningless. Because of these things that you say about us, we like to guide in Granada, our land:


And we don't want to brag about guided tours, but...

…look at the awards we have earned in recent years:

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