At Trip Granada we have offered for years interesting and entertaining tours of Granada and its greatest exponent: The Alhambra – Our passion for service in the tourism, leisure and culture sector for more than three decades has made us select in offering rigorous attention in products, in customer service to improve their experience and their needs, setting our course until today. Thousands of people chose us for their experience in Spain and especially to visit the Alhambra in Granada and rated us with 5-star reviews. Our travelers are the most important factor, so we strive to provide them with the best possible experience.




Granada, the city that embraces the Alhambra, Considered by the most expert travelers as the Mecca of Spain, is the place one must go to at least once in their life. If you have already been lucky enough to visit it, you can easily imagine a greater pleasure: “See her again”. For those of us who want to travel differently, live and enjoy moments without fighting against the clock…

TripGranada puts Personalized Proposals within our reach… Private Visits, Group Tours, led by Official Expert Guides in Granada. Services designed so that you, your family, friends, or company can feel, live and enjoy… Unique Experiences. Our city is cozy and magical, perfect for lovers of Slow tourism.

We will show you our monumental, cultural, gastronomic and urban heritage, in a close and pleasant way, which will allow you to connect with Granada and its people. We can reserve places wrapped in charm, luxury, design, a morning of shopping, an afternoon of tapas, a flamenco night, a private Hammam, a professional massage… unforgettable meetings, events and celebrations


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