Realejo Jewish Quarter


The Jewish quarter of Muslim Granada, located at the foot of the Alhambra, known as Garnata al Yahud, was inhabited by the Jewish community outside the walls of the Nasrid court until 1492. This is what the Arabs called it when they arrived in the city (Granada de los Jews) from the 8th to the 15th century, lived between periods of respect and tranquility with others of greater difficulties. Finally, it was the Catholic Monarchs who, after expelling the Jews and taking the city, destroyed the synagogue and the main buildings, and began to repopulate the neighborhood with Christian settlers and gave it its current name, Realejo, a central neighborhood for classics. and modern at the same time.

It was a very prosperous town that enjoyed great importance during the first years of Arab domination of Granada. They were mostly artisans, merchants and merchants who traveled frequently, so they used to speak several languages, were aware of new discoveries and, in general, had a great culture. They also had vast knowledge of medicine. All this made Garnata al-Yahud a cosmopolitan and cultured neighborhood, which had a very positive influence on the development of the city.

Our specialist guide will bring us closer to its hustle and bustle, its gastronomy and its culture. We are welcomed to the neighborhood on Pavaneras street, at the gates of the Realejo the figure of Yehuda Ibn Tibon, a Jewish translator, doctor, philosopher and poet from Granada, called the Wise Man of Granada and patron saint of translators. Between restaurants, squares and bars, two interesting museums: The Casa de los Tiros museum, is the city’s history museum where the polychrome coffered ceiling of the Cuadra Dorada stands out, and the Palacio Condes de Gabia, a space for contemporary culture. We will visit the Corrala de Santiago, the Church of Santo Domingo and the Campo del Príncipe, the center of the neighborhood and the hallmarks of its physiognomy.

El Realejo is the old Jewish quarter of Granada, or Garnata al-Yahud (Granada of the Jews), as it was called in Muslim times. It is located right at the foot of the Alhambra, and without a doubt, the Sephardic heritage can be seen in its streets and corners, as well as in the statue of the Jewish scholar Yehuda Ibn Tibon, who presides over the entrance to the neighborhood from Pavaneras street.

Nowadays, it is a very pleasant and quiet neighbourhood, which invites you to walk around and discover its secrets, such as the corrala de Santiago, a typical tenement house from the 16th century, or the square of Puerta del Sol, a beautiful viewpoint that It preserves its old laundry room, as well as resting or enjoying the typical flavors of Granada on the terraces of Campo del Príncipe, a large square in the center of the neighborhood with a relaxed and popular atmosphere.

In front of the Plaza Isabel La Católica fountain, 10 minutes before the start.

Comfortable footwear is recommended and in summer elements that protect from the sun.

Spanish and English (occasionally, the guided tour can be bilingual).

Aprox. 2,5-3 hours

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