Responsable tourism

We offer pure Andalusia and the essence of the Mediterranean

Committed to our land

Turismo en Granada, turismo responsable con Trip Granada

Preserving our culture and way of life

Granada is our city, the place where we live. People from vibrant neighborhoods, from Trip Granada we offer you pure Andalusia and the essence of the Mediterranean.

We are aware of being custodians of heritage and that is why, for more than three decades, we have been committed to our territory, cultivating, preserving and communicating the culture and ways of life that will allow you to understand what Granada is for the citizen.

This purpose is what is known today as the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

We are conscientious and respectful professionals, which is why our programs involve the traveler in enjoying the destination together with the locals.

For this reason we have committed ourselves to:

Design of sustainable routes

We certify our quality through the Junta de Andalucía so that it is a guarantor of the level of service you hire.

We design the routes from the point of view of the citizen, showing the best routes during the visits at street level in Granada so that our presence interferes as little as possible with the quality of life of the residents.

And under this premise, Trip Granada is recognized for having promoted small groups as a sustainable novelty in the city of Granada.

Turismo en Granada Ciudad. Contrata nuestro guía privado Granada

We incorporate local commerce in our tours. It is not possible to enjoy the essence of Granada without knowing the local products, gastronomy, shops and crafts.

Tripgranada - Turismo de Granada Ciudad

Respect for the local community

We preserve the acoustic sense with which the Arabs designed the Alhambra, reducing the impact of tourism in the neighborhoods, always encouraging the use of headphones in groups to reduce noise pollution in neighborhoods and monumental areas.

We promote the use by speaking at an adequate volume in monuments and in open spaces in order to respect places and the privacy of residents.

In a proactive way, we show the most sustainable way of getting around the city without the need to use a private vehicle, thus improving interaction with the local and therefore the understanding of the city culture of Granada.

Commitment to sustainability and responsibility

As accredited professionals, we have signed the decalogue of good practices promoted by the Department of Tourism, Commerce, Mobility and Citizen Protection of the Granada City Council since 2019 aimed at guaranteeing the development of the activity under the premises of sustainability and responsibility of the tourist activity in the Albaicín and Sacromonte neighborhoods, declared World Heritage Sites by Unesco, especially with regard to the preservation of culture and identity, and the coexistence between tourism and residents.
Turismo en Granada Ciudad. Contrata nuestro guía privado Granada

Trip Granada has as the inspiring principles of its activity:

The 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The Global Code of Ethics for Tourism, of the United Nations World Tourism Organization

World Charter for Sustainable Tourism +20

We work with and for sustainable and responsible travelers.

As a consequence of Trip Granada’s commitment, we are part of the Spanish Association for Responsible, Safe and Sustainable Tourism, an entity aimed at raising awareness and committing to the management of tourism in a respectful, responsible, inclusive, safe and sustainable manner.

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