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From sunrise to sunset, praise the name of the Lord: Granada, barren in works of faith, the Lord made the jubilant mother of many churches.

On this guided tour we will discover the interiors of the Royal Chapel and Cathedral, resting place of Queen Isabel and King Fernando

Located in the heart of the Spanish-Muslim Medina, on the site occupied by the Greater Mosque, between the streets of Oficios, Plaza de las Pasiegas and Gran Vía de Colón is the Cathedral of Granada. After 1492 with the Christian conquest, the new culture will bring with it the necessary urban change to create new places of worship. It was Queen Isabel the Catholic who chose the current location following the model of Toledo. Its construction was carried out in several stages with two projects Architectural: the Gothic of Enrique Egás and the Renaissance of Siloé and other disciples.

It is one of the crowning works of the Spanish Renaissance. The Puerta del Perdón, a masterpiece of Siloé, the Portada de San Jerónimo and the one of the Royal Chapel stand out. The wonderful organs, the stained glass windows, considered the best collection of the entire 16th century and the sublime Immaculate Conception by Alonso Cano located in the Sacristy. Its construction lasted 181 years.

The Royal Chapel is the jewel of Granada, an essential visit to understand the history of Granada, it is next to the Cathedral and is part of the Cathedral complex next to it, the Lonja and the Sagrario church. It was built by order of the Catholic Monarchs to house their bodies for their eternal rest. The bodies of their daughter Juana (Juana la Loca) and Felipe I of Castilla and Prince Miguel, grandson of Isabel and Fernando are also buried next to them.

Its construction began in 1505 and was completed in 1517. The Kings died before it was finished, they lay in the Convent of San Francisco, current Parador de Turismo, and in 1521 they were transferred to the current Chapel. In Elizabethan Gothic style, it contains the tombs of the Catholic Monarchs, the work of the Italian Doménico Fancelli, who built it in Genoa with Carrara marble, and those of Juana la Loca and Felipe el Hermoso, the work of Bartolomé Ordóñez.

The small Museum of the Chapel in the Sacristy stands out with personal objects of the Queen: the mirror and the missal and the magnificent collection of Hispano-Flemish tables from the collection of the Catholic queen herself and various ornaments of varied interest.

Get to know The Royal Chapel, a historic place, a unique chapel, where the mortal remains of the Catholic Monarchs lie eternally at the express wish of the Queen and also those of her husband Fernando de Aragón, as well as those of Doña Juana I, Don Felipe and of the infante Miguel, reflecting the love of these Kings for Granada. Its interior shows the beautiful Carrara marble mausoleums, as well as one of the most important forge works in all of Spain and the important collection of Flemish paintings of Queen Elizabeth. These monarchs united Granada to the crown of Castile, achieved the unity of the peoples of Spain, linked Spain with Portugal, England, the Netherlands, Burgundy and Austria through marriage alliances with their children and with the discovery of America they achieved the universal presence of all Spanish culture. We will end with a short walk through this monumental environment.

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Spanish and English (occasionally, the Guided tour can be bilingual).

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