The Granada of Isabel the Catholic

ISABEL THE CATHOLIC :Woman,Queen,Wife and Mother

Do not cry for me, nor waste your time in vain prayers for my healing. Pray, rather, for the salvation of my soul

Impossible to understand the history of our country, Spain and our city Granada, without stopping at Isabel, a woman who was not born to reign and yet did so in a world of men, a woman who rebelled against her destiny. She secretly married Fernando de Aragón, had children, governed, did not stop for a moment. The personal and political history of the Catholic Monarchs, between love and politics, covers the entire Spanish geography, everywhere they left their mark, especially in Grenade.

Knowing how Isabel was Queen of Castile and queen consort of Aragon and one of the most important sovereigns in the history of Spain will be a delight on this tour.

A woman, a time, firm in her religiosity, clear-sighted in her political work, Isabel of Castilla for some was a holy woman, full of political and human virtues and for others, a person without scruples. A key historical character with great successes and also mistakes that we will show for you, our traveler, to discover and decide.

We will get to know her personality, a curious, haughty, smiling and temperamental woman. Passionate lover of her husband, constant and very jealous, out of all measure, as described by her chronicler, she suffered from jealousy much more than she appeared. Austere in her habits, abstemious and not very generous in her daily life, she instead liked the great pomps on designated occasions. Very protective and strict mother. Cultured woman, long-suffering and devoted, also visionary and ambitious.

During the visit, our specialist guide on Isabel la Católica, will show us the most notable events of her reign, her relentless desire to conquer Granada, the power that her dynasty would accumulate and how, after her death, unity was in danger.

We will discover his eventful arrival on the throne of Castile, the events of his reign such as the conquest of the Nasrid Kingdom of Granada, the arrival of Columbus and the discovery of America, the expulsion of the Jews and the human dimension of Isabel.

His political project transcended the borders of Aragon and Castile, not only did they unify the five kingdoms prior to their union into a monarchy, but they continued it with the marriage alliances of their children: he related Isabel and María to the Kingdom of Portugal; Juana la Loca and the infant Juan with the Crown of Austria; and made Catherine the wife of Henry VIII.

The truth is, the successes of the Catholic Monarchs left Europeans speechless… The capture of Granada, the discovery of America, turned Spain into an exemplary country.

Granada represented a lot for these kings, for this reason it was chosen as their place of eternal rest at the express wish of Isabella the Catholic, first she was buried in the Convent of San Francisco de La Alhambra since the works of the Royal Chapel had not been completed at her death. In 1521 his remains, together with those of Fernando el Católico, were transferred to where they are currently found, in the Royal Chapel of Granada.

«My body is buried in the monastery of S. Francisco, which is in the Alhambra in the city of Granada (…) in a low grave that has no bulge, except for a low, flat slab on the ground, with his letters on it . But I want to command, that if the King chooses to bury in another any church or monastery in any other part or place of these my kingdoms, that my body be transferred there or buried together (…) “.

Visiting the Royal Chapel will allow us to visit the tombs of their heirs, Juana and Felipe, and their grandson the infante Miguel de la Paz, who died when he was only two years old, and discover the museum of the Royal Chapel of Granada where the crown and the scepter of Isabel la Católica, in addition to other belongings of the queen and several important paintings from her private collection of Flemish painting expressly donated to the Chapel in her will, such as those by Dieric Bouts, Rogier Van Der Weyden and Hans Memling, among others .

On this visit we invite you to learn about the life, work and last days of Isabel de Castilla, one of the most influential and charismatic women in the history of Spain, hand in hand and through the words of our expert Granada Guide.

And a woman was born, who would change, despite many, the history of reigning women

We will visit monuments and emblematic places closely linked to the figure of Queen Elizabeth and her religious and political project to conclude in her mausoleum: The Royal Chapel, where by express wish of the Queen, the remains of the Catholic Monarchs are buried, in Granada, the city that fell in love with Isabel La Católica.

“”Do not cry for me, nor waste your time in vain prayers for my healing. Pray, rather, for the salvation of my soul””. Elizabeth the Catholic.

In front of the Plaza del Carmen fountain (City Hall) 10 minutes before the start.

Comfortable footwear is recommended and in summer elements that protect from the sun.

Spanish and English (occasionally, the guided tour can be bilingual).

Aprox. 2,5-3 hours

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