Illustrious Women of Granada

Illustrius Women of Granada: Traces in feminine

Granada is sad because Mariana Pineda is going to the gallows because Pedrosa and his family are their executioners, and this has been their revenge because Mariana de Pineda did not give her love

Knowing the footprint of women in Granada in local history through their art, education, philosophy, action, activism or ideas from the female perspective, means imagining the feeling of those great and great women who are often anonymous, minimized or silenced. They lived the time and the era that was given to them.

A cultural visit with a gender perspective, where we will rigorously but entertainingly analyze the different stories, anecdotes and how they have told us to influence or not the story about them.

From the forgotten but present Andalusian women, the mythical Mariana Pineda, eternal local heroine for being sentenced to death, to Queen Isabel the Catholic who reigned in a world of men, we will walk through the city discovering the history of some women, some illustrious others anonymous or unrecognized who lived this city, their experiences and vital journeys.

Poets, writers, artists, patrons, ladies of low or high birth, they all left their mark on the history that is part of the women we are today and of the city of Granada.

This different visit includes a selected tour of the history of several significant and influential women of Granada from past centuries and their spaces.

We will discover the woman herself since Andalusian times, from a gender perspective, analyzing in a simple and understandable way the evolution of those spaces that were banned from them. We intend to recognize women as protagonists in the history of the community and offer a vision of the city that contemplates a facet usually forgotten, that of the women who inhabited it, the one who lived in Muslim Granada. Relegated to the domestic sphere, we will analyze the role it played in the family and society of the time in which it lived. Our expert guide from Granada will make you enjoy from start to finish.

Plaza Mariana Pineda 10 minutes before the start.

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