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More than a neighborhood, more than a low sky, more than a town within the city, the Albaycin is a world full of spirit and mystery, an enclosed, sensual and mythical orchard, a confluence of benign constellations, an open door to history, a place to undertake a more beautiful and dignified life

They are two of the neighborhoods with the most color, charm and history in Granada. Get to know and enjoy the Muslim quarter El Albaycin, together with the Alhambra, is the main tourist center of the city and the most genuine and special one in Granada.

El Albaycín

El Sacromonte The Albaycin, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco in 1994, this neighborhood of Granada origin, is one of the oldest in Europe, preserved for more than a thousand years without losing its popular character and its bustling atmosphere. Albaycin is essential for the traveler who wants to know the history and its urban labyrinth, which contains a true treasure of narrow streets, squares and corners, Moorish and Renaissance houses that take us to other times, with our expert guide to feel what life was like. of these inhabitants.

It is a place where you can get lost and drop by its streets back to the center, but its great attraction is undoubtedly its spectacular views of the sister city of the Alhambra that we can enjoy from the popular Mirador de San Nicolás and from one of its typical houses, called Cármenes, most of them private or transformed into charming hotels, panoramic restaurants or regional or cultural administration centers such as El Carmen de la Victoria, Las Casas del Chapiz, the Max Moreau museum among others.

El Sacromonte

Sacromonte is famous for its caves and its Gypsy zambras, and it really is something different, unique to visit for its history and culture, for the landscape of the Darro valley and viewpoints such as the forgotten Sacromonte Abbey or that of the great dancer Mario Maya. With our expert guide, you will discover a city within another city with a population that had customs and even a particular language that still persists. This picturesque neighborhood in front of the Alhambra is made up of caves, arranged around ravines, dug into the natural mountain caves. We will know its birth, its evolution up to the present day, being a neighborhood for tourists, also frequented by locals and lovers of live flamenco that is far from those first Jewish and Moorish inhabitants mixed later with gypsies who spent their lives dancing at the doors of the streets. , as the Cuevas del Sacromonte Museum shows us.

Today these humble caves carved into the rock have been transformed mostly into business houses to feel the flamenco at sunset, or bars or restaurants. The typical zambras of the neighborhood have a large hall-stage where the show takes place. Great families give life every night putting freshness, art, color, passion and elf in front of the Alhambra that hears them, the Maya, the Amaya, the Habichuela, the Cortés, the Carmona here they continue, do not miss it day or night .Flamenco in a cave*(link to flamenco experiences) you will only find it in Granada.

The Albaicín and the Sacromonte, both declared World Heritage Sites by Unesco, are two of the most unique, picturesque neighborhoods with the most charm and history in the city of Granada. We will enjoy impressive views of the Alhambra and Granada.

If you want to get to know this authentic old Arab quarter of Granada walking at your own pace with an expert local guide, but away from the large tourist groups, you have the opportunity to explore a a neighborhood that will fascinate you, where you can enjoy the best panoramic photographs of the Alhambra.

You must visit the Albayzín, the old Arab quarter of Granada. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1994. It is the oldest and most picturesque neighborhood in Granada. It was the origin of the city, the residence of the “Ziríes” kings and refuge of the Moors. Undoubtedly, the Albayzín is a different world. At the San Nicolás viewpoint you can see the most beautiful sunset in the world. (Bill Clinton). We will walk through its most important streets, squares and viewpoints, transporting through the nostalgia of an era, to discover and experience the lifestyle that still persists today.

And forced to walk El Sacromonte, the most exotic and special neighborhood of Granada, where The persecuted Moors from the new Christian center and some new settlers, gypsies and soldiers who accompanied the troops of the Catholic Monarchs when they conquered the city settled. World famous for its cave dwellings, narrow streets and sidewalks, its magnificent views, as well As for being considered the cradle of flamenco that dates back to the 16th century, it was very popular in the shows of the 50s and 60s of the 20th century. Its famous zambra is known worldwide, inspired by the wedding rituals of the Moors of the city in the gypsy environment from the Sacromonte caves, invites you to enjoy a flamenco night away from classicisms

Plaza Nueva -Albaycin-Sacromonte

Plaza nueva, in front of Hotel Macía in Plaza Nueva

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