Enjoy and give away the best experiences in Granada

To enjoy or give away the best experiences in Granada, as well as visiting the Alhambra, we propose some original plans throughout the year for your stay in the city and province. Decide and enjoy some of these unique suggestions and only possible in Granada, as fresh as feeling live flamenco in a Sacromonte cave with views, sharing the fun, different and original experience at street level for families with children of living a Game in Granada City, for couples and friends, such as creating your own perfume with ancient ingredients with a specialist perfumer, entering the desert of the Granada Geopark and fulfilling the dream of flying over a balloon and enjoying its impressive landscapes, and multitude of activities such as routes in the desert in 4 x 4, paragliding, hiking, relaxing in a cave house, participating in an astronomical tour… do you dare?

Why Trip Granada

Why should you choose a guided tour of Granada with us?

For all these reasons; look:

We have a license that says we can do what we do, but more important than that is that we are from here and we love to share what we know.

We know how to tell the stories and data that we know so that it is entertained from the smallest to the most adult. Families of the world, here!

If you come in a big way, with all the comforts and being clear that this trip is to get the most out of it, we offer totally private and personalized visits.

From this website you can book absolutely everything: the guided tour you choose, the ticket to the Alhambra… and you can do it in a couple of clicks. Choose the visit, the date and that’s it.

We are in contact with you at all times, in case you need anything. Our clients, first. Let it not be said

Our guided tours are not only in Spanish; no way. English, French, German, Italian, the main languages and some more… just tell us in which language you want us to guide you, and we will.

Ask us at info@tripgranada.com or on mobile 678 449343

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