Discover Cordoba

Get to know one of the most magical cities in Andalusia and capital of the old Caliphate

The city of Córdoba is one of the most visited in Spain, making both Spaniards and foreigners fall in love with it.

It was the most important province of Al-Andalus, the beauty and richness of its Caliphate past made it declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

Its main attraction is having what was the largest Mosque in the world, but there are many more reasons why you would love to meet it with our guide and get lost in its streets in your free time: its patios, its Jewish quarter, take note of our suggestions :

At the indicated time we will meet at the meeting point and head to Córdoba, approximately two and a half hours away from Granada.

Once in Córdoba, we will walk through the narrow streets, squares of its historic center, witnesses of its Muslim past and of the Jewish and Roman heritage. We will discover Cordoba’s history by visiting the Jewish quarter, considered one of the most beautiful in Spain.

The most important visit of the day will take us to see the Mosque-Cathedral, the most emblematic building in the city. We will be fascinated by the contrasts of its white and red arches together with its Visigothic, Muslim and Christian legacy.

The Mosque-Cathedral

It is the most important Islamic monument in the West and together with the Alhambra, it constitutes the most amazing and visited Andalusian architecture in our country. It is the most representative building in Córdoba and, for this reason, it was named the Cathedral of Santa María de Córdoba and is currently a Mosque-Cathedral. The Mosque reflects the splendor of an era. On this same land, the Visigothic basilica of San Vicente was first built. As the Muslim empire gained power, the basilica was destroyed to make way for this magnificent monument

The Jewish quarter

The city of Córdoba preserves a Jewish quarter, located in the historic center, much visited by all travelers. The entire neighborhood of La Judería is a set of labyrinthine streets with an Islamic layout that sometimes end in typical dead-end alleys or wall walks. It was the neighborhood where the Jews lived at the time when Córdoba sheltered inhabitants of three different religions: Christian, Jewish and Muslim.

It is located northeast of the Mosque and, among its streets, we can locate monuments such as the Synagogue, the Bullfighting Museum or the Municipal Souk. The Synagogue dates from the Medieval Era (14th century) and is the third best-preserved synagogue in Spain. It is worth visiting.

Once we have known the essential places of Córdoba, you will enjoy your free time and we will return to Granada. At the indicated time .

*Ask us if you want an Excursion and Private Visit in Córdoba*

Visit a fascinating monument of Muslim culture. Join a group by bus from Granada and enjoy with us a visit to the Mosque of Córdoba with a local Expert Guide. We will discover the great Mosque-Cathedral, the most important Muslim building in the West as well as the most fascinating Cathedral you can imagine. We will also visit the Historical Case, a World Heritage Site, with its famous Jewish Quarter and the only medieval Synagogue in the South of Spain. Free time and return.

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Spanish and English (occasionally, the guided tour can be bilingual).

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