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Tears rose to my eyes, and they were not tears of sorrow or joy, they were full of silent and hidden life for being in Granada

The fascination for Granada of many of our travelers has been born from these tours. Without a doubt, the Albaycin is a different world, a cultural landscape with certain itineraries that allow us to discover the great Hispano-Muslim monuments of Granada declared World Heritage by Unesco, at the same time that we walked through a protected historic neighborhood. El Corral del Carbón, former warehouse and merchants’ hostel, Dar Al-Horra palace, residence of Aixa, the mother of the last king of the Alhambra, Boabdil, El Bañuelo, the oldest and best preserved Hamman in Spain, the House of Zafra,… are some of the wonderful Hispano-Muslim buildings and houses, palatial Moorish homes, which endowed the neighborhood with the noble air of the wealthy classes.

In the viewpoint of San Nicolás you will be able to contemplate the most beautiful sunset in the world, Bill Clinton himself exclaimed it. We will walk through its most important and less traveled streets, squares and viewpoints, transporting us through the nostalgia of an era, to discover and experience the lifestyle that still persists today.

The Albaycin neighborhood presents several examples of extraordinary Moorish Houses, (16th centuries) Residential Palaces (13th-15th centuries) and Hamman from the Andalusian era (11th century-) prior to the conquest of 1492.

In this neighborhood, included in the World Heritage List by Unesco in 1994, there are still more than eighty of these houses, which constitute a set of great architectural and historical value, although many are still in a precarious state of conservation.

Houses built or renovated by the Moors of Granada in the 16th century are called Moorish houses. These houses maintained the basic characteristics of Nasrid residential architecture from the 13th-15th centuries: distribution around a courtyard, façades with no decoration and openings, except for the entrance door, and a corner access system to guarantee privacy. Although most had two floors, the patio was the center of family life, which took place mainly on the ground floor, where there was also a hallway, a latrine and a small kitchen.
A tour of approximately 2.5 hours, together with our Official Expert Guide to see the best selection of them. A visit to connect with a distinguished and refined era.


Main door Corral de Carbón C/ Mariana Pineda, 21, 10 minutes before the start

Spanish and English (occasionally, the guided tour can be bilingual).

Please be at the meeting point 15 minutes before the start time.

Comfortable shoes are recommended and in summer elements that protect from the sun.

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