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Oh, the saeta, the singing of the Christ of the gypsies, always with blood on their hands, always to be unpinned! Sing of the Andalusian people that every spring is asking for stairs to climb to the Cross! … I cannot sing, nor do I want to, to that Jesus of the wood, but to the one who walked in the sea!

Abadía Sacromonte Granada

Privileged place to enjoy the silence and views of the city

Visiting the Sacromonte Abbey in Granada at the top of the Valparaiso hillside means enjoying the road to the final stretch of the seven slopes to discover this secluded place, unknown to the crowds and interesting and with priceless views.

It is a beautiful path if you have time and desire to walk, although you can also get there by bus line C34 from Plaza Nueva or by taxi.

The Abbey was built in the 17th century, the building consists of three parts: the abbey, the seminary and the collegiate church.

Its fame came to it and it became a place of pilgrimage in the 16th century when the remains of San Cecilio were found in some ovens, this finding gave rise to the later foundation of its Abbey, because the catacombs were found, where San Cecilio suffered martyrdom, the first Bishop of Roman times and today Patron of Granada, where every February his name day is celebrated with a mass and popular pilgrimage. In addition, later some lead plates were found (The lead books) that recounted the martyrdom of San Cecilio, San Tesifón and San Hiscio. Pilgrimages to the holy caves and the construction of 1200 crosses on their way began. The fame of these relics gave the name to the mountain of Sacro and the beginning of its history and heyday.

His private university achieved great prestige, Pope Benedict XIV granted him chairs of law, ecclesiastical history and Arabic, Greek and Hebrew. A school, student residence, and a chapel were also built in several stages.

Today it is a foundation that tries to restore its function to this religious complex.

It houses an Art Museum with several collections of works of art, to highlight the only Goya that can be seen in Granada from a portrait of Francisco Saavedra. It is important to know that the figure that goes in procession on Holy Wednesday of Holy Week in Granada, the popular and beloved figure: Cristo de los Gytanos, is guarded here.

The Sacromonte Abbey is one of the monuments in Granada which, together with the Alhambra and the Cathedral, constitute the fundamental “triangle” for understanding the history of the city of Granada and its cultural and religious past.

Located on the mountain of Valparaíso, it is a privileged place to enjoy the silence and the views of the city, on the banks of the Darro River and crowning the neighborhood to which it gave its name, the Sacromonte Abbey is an institution with 400 years of history and constitutes an essential tourist destination in Granada.

Together with our expert Granada Guide, we will enjoy a tour of its magnificent Cloister full of peace, Collegiate Church, Christ of the Gypsies in the Church, Museum and its controversial Plúmbeos books and the Holy caves.

10 minutes before in front of main door

Spanish and English (occasionally, the guided tour can be bilingual).

Please be at the meeting point 15 minutes before the start time.

Comfortable footwear is recommended and in summer elements that protect from the sun.

Aprox. 2 hours

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