Complete Alhambra Visit in Group

Save by visiting the Eighth Wonder of the World in a group... without giving up anything

What does this group visit to the Alhambra include?

What is not included in this group visit?

Visiting hours

Every day we make visits:

For those who are looking for tickets to the Alhambra and get to know it with a quality guided tour in an economical and comfortable way that ensures your complete reservation, with all-inclusive entrance to the place. Go ahead and book online in a few minutes.

This visit of approximately 3 hours, will allow you to enjoy a tour of about 3.5 km, in a pleasant and close way, with the help of our official guides, where we will learn about the most interesting aspects of the monument: the history, the decorative systems used, anecdotes from their owners, all with the convenience of accessing without queues and with a guide for each group during the entire guided tour.

Groups in English .

The visit lasts approximately 3 hours and a tour where you visit:

  • Visits (Paseo de los Cypresses, Generalife Palace, patios and gardens, Medina, Calle Real, Palacio Carlos V, Nasrid Palaces: Mexuar, Cuarto Dorado, Patio Arrayanes, Sala de la Barca, Salón de Comares, Sala de los Mocárabes, Sala de abencerrajes, Hall of the Kings, Hall of the two Sisters, Mirador de Lindaraja, Patio de los Leones, Gardens of the Partal.
  • Private official guide.
  • Skip-the-line entry.
  • Headphones for the guide’s explanation.

Time and Meeting Point: 10 minutes before the start time In front of the Alhambra Map Next to the Ticket Office

GPS coordinates: 37º 10′ 26.72″ N 3º 35′ 03.89″ W

Tickets Valid for the indicated date and time.

Duration: 3 hours approx.

Comfortable footwear is recommended and in summer elements that protect from the sun.

Does not include Transportation to the monument

Important note: Adults or minors with any physical or mobility disabilities must communicate this when making the reservation in observations and inform the guide at the beginning of the visit, due to the access restrictions that the Alhambra has in force.

Please include the data of the people who will enjoy the tickets. Tickets are by name and the details must match those of your identity document for the Alhambra to allow you access to the monument. For children under 12 who do not have ID, enter the ID of the parent or guardian.

It is Mandatory to bring your documentation (original ID/Passport) on the day of the visit. If the information provided does not coincide with that of the visitor, the Alhambra may prevent their access to the monument.

Groups have limited places and limited hours

Due to the limitation of the number of visitors per day, we recommend that you purchase this service as far in advance as possible, from 12 months to 1 month in advance of the desired date, as they are easily sold out

This activity requires a minimum number of attendees, if this is not reached we will notify you in advance.

The starting time could be modified. Check your email in advance before the date.

Arrive on time for your appointment with your ID, the Alhambra does not accept changes in dates, times, or refunds.

The guide will give you the tickets at the beginning of the visit at the meeting point

Guides specialized in guided tours of Granada and the Alhambra

Visita Alhambra en grupo

They say that it is the most beautiful architectural-historical complex in the world.

They say that history oozes from patio to patio, fountain to fountain, garden to garden. That in this walled city, tales of sultans, princesses and princes have developed… but real ones.

They say that the qualification of World Heritage granted by Unesco is too small for it, as well as the name of the Eighth Wonder of the World.

They also say that it is a unique, different, exotic and mysterious city… so much so that it would be terrible not to visit it when you arrive in Granada.

Many things are said about the Alhambra,
but it's better that you see it

It boasts of everything that is said, right?

How do you see it?

Well… wait until you visit it with a specialist guide who will tell you EVERYTHING about it.

Stories, curiosities, anecdotes that have occurred over the last 800 years… everything you need to know about the Alhambra, you will know after doing this group visit.

Group visit to the Alhambra from Trip Granada

Visita a la Alhambra en grupo con TripGranada

But attention!

The places available for this cheaper visit are limited and running out.

The Alhambra has a system designed to protect, preserve the place and avoid crowds, so the tickets are divided into hours and are limited and to join a group you have to make your RESERVATION IN ADVANCE if you do not want to miss it.

In short: we recommend that you reserve your place at least 3 months to 1 month in advance.

Why choose this group visit to the Alhambra?

Entradas Alhambra grupo

About the group

The visit has a very cheap price because it is done for groups that will share a guide. The group is usually reduced from 20 people, it will depend on each available date.

Whatever the case, the guide offers detailed explanations through a microphone and you receive them with comfortable headphones, so you don’t have to worry about noise, or the group or other travelers that may be around.

See what they say about this group visit to the Alhambra

Who is this group visit to the Alhambra designed for?

Why should you choose a guided tour of Granada with us?
For all these reasons; look:


In short, for small or large groups and individuals who want to visit the Alhambra in a guided way at a really cheap price.

Look how easy it is

If you want to know what the complete reservation process is like, see:

We recommend 1 to 3 months in advance, because the Alhambra has limited capacity and tickets are sold out daily. Do not postpone it, it is one of the most visited and reserved monuments in the world and the capacity is quite limited, to avoid crowds.

As it is subject to availability for all the organizers, it is ESSENTIAL that you reserve your ticket in advance. They always sell out, so don’t even think about it.

When the day and time arrived, we meet at the meeting point, we equip ourselves with microphones and headphones… and the magic begins.

Anything goes to keep the details of a visit to remember.

Entradas Alhambra grupo para visitas Alhambra en grupo

Who is behind this group visit

When you arrive at the Alhambra and get to know it from the inside, you understand that there are people dedicated in body and soul to showing it to the world. It happened to us when we were young, when we visited her for the first time, and we decided to make her our daily bread because we are like her: proudly Granada and Andalusian guides like the most.

Do you have any questions about this group visit?

Here are the most frequent

Yeah; You don’t have to worry about anything other than reserving for a day off.
You only need to be there with your identity card, but the original one. Photocopies or ID from the mobile are useless. If the children still don’t have anything, nothing happens; With you adults take it, enough.
Babies and children enter free up to 12 years old, but whatever it is, they always have to go with a ticket. You must take it out for them too, or babies and children will not be allowed in.
It is not a private visit. You will share a guide with other travelers at a phenomenal price. The number of participants in the group varies according to demand and season.
That we offer you an alternative tour or we will refund the amount paid, whichever you prefer.
Yes. We offer this guided group tour also in English.
No, we're sorry, the Alhambra does not accept date changes or returns, according to official regulations published in the BOJA by the Board of Trustees of the Alhambra and the Generalife.

Free cancellation of the visit up to 24 hours prior to the provision of the service.
-No amount will be refunded if the client does not show up on the day of the service, or does not arrive on time at the start time of the guided tour.

-In no case can the entrance fee be paid. Amount for cancellation and management costs for adults €23 and for children €5.

Well, it would be and now, your turn.

Guided tour with all the comforts and facilities in the world?

Availability varies second by second, so if you want to visit the Alhambra in a group at a fantastic price, don’t think twice and stop browsing, which is here.

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